Operations: Create objects

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Main Page Arrow.png Operations Arrow.png Create objects
Create ILWIS Objects
List of the create operations in ILWIS
Operation name Description Keywords
Create coordinate system It assigns the XY-coordinates or LatLon-coordinates to a map. Coordinate system, Create
Create domain The operation create a domain. Domain, Create
Create combination matrix The operation create a combination matrix (two dimensional table). combination matrix, Create
Create georeference It defines the relation between rows and columns in a raster map and XY-coordinates. Georeference, Create, Geometry
Create feature coverage The operation create a feature coverage. Feature coverage, Create
Create model The operation create a model. Model, Create
Create raster coverage The operation create a raster coverage. Raster coverage, Create
Create representation The operation create a representation. Create, Representation
Create script The operation create a script. Script, Create
Create table The operation create a table. Create, Table
Create workflow The operation create a workflow. Create, workflow