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Vision and Mission

The core objective of the ILWIS community is to gradually provide a maintainable GIS/RS software framework for internal and external researchers and software developers to implement up-to-date training components, scientific toolboxes and (web) service implementations used in consulting projects. To support this goal and to streamline ILWIS developments with research activities within 52°North and the greater community of GI practitioners, two core migration streams have been identified:

  • The advancement of ILWIS into re-usable, interoperable web services
  • The advancement of ILWIS as client software in a distributed service environment (SDI)

In addition, support can be provided to research groups that want to develop extensions to the existing ILWIS components.
Our long term road map entails the following milestones:

  • Development of new functionality by user community:
  • Invitation of new software developers to create new ILWIS plug-ins
  • Setting and stimulating innovative directions
  • Provision of demo examples
  • OGC compliant functionality in ILWIS as a server application (WPS, WCS) and ILWIS as a client application (WMS, WFS, WPS, WCS)
  • Integration of foreign software functionality in ILWIS engine
  • Building up and maintaining community support: establishment of a moderated discussion list
  • Continuous promotion at fares and conferences and through newsletters and publications
  • Effective exploitation: project acquisition focusing on implementation/training projects