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Locator buttons
Figure 1, The Locator buttons of ILWIS main window

The Locator buttons (Figure 1) are situated at the top right of ILWIS main window providing access to various location on local disc or remote database. It includes various buttons which can be used to add multiple catalogs, to view contents of the system catalogs, and to access user defined bookmarks.
A brief description of the Locator buttons from left to right:

  • The buttons Left and Right allow you to add additional Catalog to the left or right side of the active catalog; providing possibility to work with multiple catalog simultaneously.
  • The button Temporary allows you to access the system catalog Temporary. This is the catalog that used, basically, to keep temporary files generated via ILWIS operations.
  • The button System provide access to all ILWIS system catalogs including: Coordinate systems, datums, domains, ellipsoids, projections and representations.
  • The button Operations contains list of all available operations in ILWIS including user defined operations. The contents of this catalog is identical to the ILWIS operation list which can be accessed via Operations Tab on the Workbench of the ILWIS Main window.
  • The Bookmark 1 and 2 is used to illustrate the location of the users added bookmarks. Basically, the bookmarks buttons appear after users bookmark a catalog. in this example, we have bookmarked two catalogs named "Bookmark 1" and "Bookmark 2" and the therefore, the names appears as buttons in the locator buttons.

More information on the Locator can be found at: Locator