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Catalogs in ILWIS are data container which provides a view of ILWIS objects, directories and subdirectories tree within a selected folder on local or remote locations. To view the ILWIS object in the catalog, you need to select a folder where your geo-data are stored. There is no need for import data since the new ILWIS can directly read files of various formats. By default ILWIS starts with an empty catalog for first time and afterward with the last visited catalog.
There are several types of catalogs defined in ILWIS namely: Master Catalog, System Catalog, Operation Catalog and Temporary Catalog.

  • The Master Catalog in ILWIS can be viewed as a database that includes all the ILWIS objects on your system including directories and subdirectories tree. The Master Catalog can be filtered by various filters available from Data Managements Pane, Catalog filters, standard queries (see also Getting started). For example, selecting the Master Catalog Table from the list, displays all the available ILWIS tables in your system.
  • The System Catalog includes IWIS system objects such as; Coordinate systems, datums, domains, ellipsoids, projections and representations. By selecting the System catalog from the option bar in ILWIS main window, a catalog with number of folders will be available where each folder contains one type of the system objects. For example, the folder coordinatsystems contains all the built in coordinate systems available in ILWIS.
  • The Temporary Catalog is, basically, used to keep temporary files generated via ILWIS operations. For example, results of operations will be available in the temporary catalog if user chose for Output format Temporary. This means, the results will be available during the session and will be removed from the catalog when the session is closed unless you save them manually to a location on the local disc or remote database.
  • The Operation Catalog contains list of all available operations in ILWIS including user defined operations. The contents of this catalog is identical to the ILWIS operation list which can be accessed via <Operations Tab</tt> on the Workbench of the ILWIS Main window.
  • The Working Catalog, also called active catalog, refer to the catalog in use at the time and represents a selected folder and its subfolders on local discs or on a remote host. By defaults, the outputs of ILWIS operation will be saved to the working catalog unless users define otherwise.

More information on the main window can be found at: ILWIS Main Window