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Python extension

Python is an open source programming language used for object-oriented programming as well as for scripting and rapid application development. In the new ILWIS, integration of Python not only includes x-versions of ILWIS command line functionalities but also support the implementation of Python codes. The new ILWIS includes an interactive console (replacing the command line in previous versions) where whole ILWIS functionality can be imported. This allows users to write high level scripts for multi-source geoprocessing, in a standard scripting environment, possibly running on different platforms. The Python interpreter and its extensive standard library are included in ILWIS, so no need for separate installation. However, users may install Python independently and still import ILWIS objects and functionalities and implement raster and vector operations that is supported by ILWIS. In this case, IDLE (Python GUI) might be useful if you have no other Python IDE installed. In order to use Python with ILWIS, you need to download and install ILWIS Objects Python extension.