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Drag and drop in ILWIS4

In ILWIS drag and drop is used to perform an action within the graphical interface by selecting (grabbing) an object and dragging it to a different location. Drag and drop is a simple and intuitive way to work with objects and that is why its application promoted in the new ILWIS. The drag and drop mechanism is widely used in the new ILWIS and in many cases it is the only way to invoke an action or create associations between two objects. For example, user can use drag and drop to:

∗ copy objects between Catalogs
∗ add maps to an existing coverage panel
∗ add inputs for implementing an operation
∗ add inputs to a workflow builder
∗ change the order of columns

The main differences between the new ILWIS and its previous versions, concerning the use of drag and drop, is related to its limited applications and optionality. The ILWIS previous versions, often, offered several ways to accomplish an action while in the new version many action cannot be completed without use of the drag and drop mechanism.