Getting started: Viewing metadata

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ILWIS Metadata panel
Figure 1, illustrates metadata of a selected raster map. General information concerning the file itself and data related to e.g., numbers of rows and columns, domain, etc. can be viewed using the General, Data and spatial tabs.

To view metadata:

  • Select e.g., a raster or a feature coverage (polygon, point or segment) from the catalog
  • Click Metadata button from the Workbench

The metadata associated with selected map or table will be displayed on the left side of the catalog in the Metadata panel as it illustrated in the Figure 1. Tabs in the Metadata form provides tools to view and edit the data associated with the selected coverage. The same can be done to view metadata associated with a table, or other ILWIS objects such Coordinate system, georefrence, domain, etc. The Metadata tools are the replacement for property forms used in previous versions of ILWIS. Note that by holding ctrl or shift one can do multiple selections in the catalog which is reflected in the metadata list, meaning you can, view metadata of several ILWIS objects, simultaneously.