Getting started: Using Python console

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Python console
Figure 1, ILWIS-Python console

Python console
The ILWIS-Python Console available in ILWIS main window is the script editor that can be used to integrate Python and ILWIS functionalties for automating rotuines that includs processing procedures. The Cosole can be accessed from ILWIS main window via Workbench buttons Python.
To open ILWIS-Python Console:

  • Click the Python button in the Workbench

This open the Console panel where user can write thire own scripts, save and execut them directly. Figure 1 shows an example of the Console panel and the avilable tools. As it can be seen from Figure 1, ILWIS-Python consists of:

  • a panel where the pyhton syntaxs are written,
  • a log panel where user can see the output and list of all executed syntax (history),
  • option buttons that allow usere to run and save thier script or remove them,
  • and two action tabs one to run a script and the other to view related metadata.