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Customizing ILWIS Settings
Figure 1, ILWIS Setting option tools

The Settings Workbench button in ILWIS main window allow you to specify options related to customizing your ILWIS user interface, location of your geo-data, the panel view of map and table, etc. For example, the User interface button allows you to increase the main window size and fonts by applying a scale factor. The default scale factor is 1; values larger than 1 increases the size of icons and fonts proportionally, while value less than 1 makes the icons and font small depending on the scale value. In addition, the drop list of <Selected Headers</tt> provides users with a list of ILWIS main window parts that their appearance color can be customized. The current avilable option tool buttons are:

  • Locator,
  • User interface
  • Map view
  • Table view
  • Users
  • Fonts