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Installing ILWIS4

Platform requirements:
ILWIS4 can be run from different platform with Windows operating system:

∗ Windows 7 and later versions,

The minimum hardware requirements are:

∗ Multicore 32/64-bit processer (Intel/AMD)
∗ At least 200MB space on the hard disk

If you have not downloaded ILWIS4 yet, the instructions for download the new ILWIS can be found in: Downloads

To install ILWIS 4:

  • After downloading the ILWIS and saving the zip file on your disk
  • Unzip the file to your desired location
  • Create a shortcut (optional) form the file "ilwisclient.exe"; the file is located in the "bin" directory where ILWIS is installed
ILWIS Python extension

In order to use Python with ILWIS4, you also need to download and install ILWIS Python extension. If you have not downloaded it yet, the instructions for download can be found in: Downloads

To install the ILWIS Python extension:

  • Double click the file ILWISObjects-beta3.0-forPython3.x-32bit.exe
  • Follow the ILWIS Objects install wizard
  • You will be asked to select the Python installation directory, to configure the extension

Installation instructions for ILWIS Python extension can also be found in [ILWIS Python API Tutorial]