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ILWIS User Interface

ILWIS Desktop User Interface (IDUI) or desktop client, is built on top of ILWIS-object framework in order to provide an easy and friendly access to ILWIS data sources and processing functionalities within the framework. Even though, the framework supports having several clients (e.g., Mobile, web, programing, etc.), the current version of ILWIS only supports User Interface (UI) for desktop and Python programing. The desktop user interface includes number of components allowing users to access and manipulate spatial and tabular data via: Catalog, map and table panel, and other available tools namely, toolbar and action bar tabs. The Python language interface can be directly accessed from ILWIS main window or independently via the Python editor (e.g., IDEL or Pycharm editor). The components of the IDUI is explained under the followings:

More technical information on ILWIS-object framework can be found at the following: